Best Dining Room Flooring Options: Tips and Ideas

Having difficulty to decide which dining room flooring options match best with your house? Then you need to read these ideas and tips.

Dining room flooring options are available in wide range of materials. Considerations when choosing the best materials for the dining room is not only about price, but also durability and the appearance. If the dining room is used only by adults, a white flooring option can be applied, but that’s not a good selection if the house full of children and pets. So, if you are still unsure what kind of flooring options that suitable for your needs then you can make a checklist of pros and cons based on this list.

Dining rooms flooring options

1. Tile floor

This flooring option has many different types of tiles from porcelain to ceramic and stone. It is suitable best for dining room that connected to the kitchen. Tile prices can range from a dollar to 20 dollars per square foot and if you want to use professional installment then it can spend hundreds of dollars. Ceramic tile is very durable and resistant to water and scratches, it is easy to clean as well. Unfortunately, tiles are loud to walk on and it can crack which involved being repaired.

2. Hardwood floor

Hardwood floor can price from 3 to 12 dollars per square foot and if you want cheaper price then you can always depend on the engineered wood which cost less. Professional installations need hundred of dollars and even it can reach thousands of dollars depending on the size and the difficulty. If you like timeless and classic look for the dining room then it is the best choice to have and it can be refinished anytime to give fresh look. Moreover, hardwood floor is easy to clean and require small maintenance because it only needs vacuuming. Sadly, water can ruin wood floor and it also loud to walk on.

3. Vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is one of the best and cheapest floor options for dining room since it only cost less than a dollar to 5 dollars. The best pros about vinyl are that unlike tiles and hardwood, it is quiet. It is an inexpensive alternative for both hardwood and tile floor since it can be made to look like them, although of course it cannot appear as good as the real thing. The cons are vinyl is easy to scratch and difficult to be cleaned, moreover it is tears and dents easily.

4. Laminate floor

Although you need to pay for installation cost, laminate floor is also a cheap choice. If you want to have hardwood floor in the dining room but the cost is unbearable then go with the laminate material because it made to mimic a wood grain, not to mention it is also more durable. It can give a formal look to the room, and it is also ideal for a house with children and pets. Laminate floor is easy to clean and not easy to scratch. But, unlike hardwood floor, a laminate cannot be refinished, and standing water can ruin the flooring.

Those pros and cons can be noted when you want to install dining room floor, and we hope you can get the best options. Visit Flooring & Carpet Stores Near Me